Mary Koppel and her colleagues have always recognized the value of story to influence outcomes. A story told well, at the right time, can change the future. 

A powerful story can move us to join, to purchase, to vote, to participate, to invest, to change our minds. Today seekers and shoppers alike find connection and meaning through the story of the brands they choose. 

We seek a legacy or a cause to support through our purchases or commitment of time. We now know that the narrative of your purpose can attract your customers or followers to greater loyalty, whether you are launching a product, a service, an idea, or a cause. 

We are storytellers by nature. Our great religions, civilizations, and societies left their mark by leaving their stories.  Even before language, our earliest ancestors left behind the story of their work through images on cave walls. It's hard-wired into our very being.

Story and strategy are at the heart of the work we do - drop us an e-mail to learn more about how we can help you tell your story.  


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