Strategy keeps its eye on the goal. It is focused on ensuring your story is heard by the right audience to drive the right result.  

  • Strategy took a $2M advertising investment and turned it into a $16M impact through the power of the stories behind the ads. When stories are fueled by powerful human survival, a small cancer hospital can play in the big leagues.

  • Strategy drove the public and legislative appetite for a $500MM investment in biomedical research buildings at the University of Minnesota. The stories of research discoveries enabled by collaborative new space provided the rationale for that growth.

  • Strategy allowed the state of Pennsylvania to pass a historic revenue increase (new taxes) during the no-new-taxes era, while retaining the majority party in office.

  • Strategy targeted policy leaders ensured legislation restricting stem cell research in Minnesota never made it to a full vote. It was the stories from mothers of children who could potentially benefit from cures derived from that research that made the difference.

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